A Revolution – We are in the midst of an energy transformation and RNG is at the center of this change. For over a quarter of a century, Fortistar has helped landfills drive success by Renewable Natural Gas production for energy and transportation.

Real Impact to the Bottom Line – Whether you are seeking to improve your triple bottom line or working to maximize the value of your landfill assets, we can offer best practices, capital and the hands-on expertise needed to meet the challenges in today’s world. Our partnerships deliver:

For 25 years, Fortistar has delivered sustainable performance by bringing capital and expertise to landfill facilities, energy producers and communities seeking to tap their full potential.


One North Lexington Avenue, | White Plains, NY 10601
Tel: (914) 421-4900 | Fax: (914) 421-0052 | Email : info@fortistar.com


One North Lexington Avenue,
White Plains, NY 10601
Tel: (914) 421-4900 | Fax: (914) 421-0052
Email : info@fortistar.com


Maximizing the value of Landfill Gas
Partners in RNG and Decarbonization

Partners In Expanding Opportunity

Going forward, we would like to invite those who began a dialogue, and any who did not have the chance, to reach out now. Together, we can make a difference and realize economic potential previously unavailable.

Fill out this simple contact form and we can schedule a conversation that can show you additional ways to:

Let’s Talk… If you are seeking to realize the true potential of your assets and resources, we bring dollars and insight to the table.

Maximize value of your landfill gas
Fuel your fleet from CNG sustainability sourced from Biogas
Leverage a professional platform to help your existing projects
Upgrade your existing electric project to biogas
Make a difference in your local community for this and our next generation 

We have the capital, track record and experience to uncover new possibilities from existing resources and facilities.


25 Years of Proven Performance

Renewable Natural Gas

The path to decarbonization without additional cost

The First Step - Every facility and community is unique. - No one answer works for all. To explore your specific options and choices, we invite you to reach out and begin a conversation that will help you improve performance and help our world decarbonize. 


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Strong revenue stream at no capital cost
Lower execution risk / higher certainty
The best of complementary talent pools
New and existing markets
Address sustainability, carbon reduction & community

A path we know well – Through perseverance in addressing new technologies, economics and community need, we have learned the critical path to make RNG work across every step of production and distribution.

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